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Flow and High Performance Teams




Full Day

About the Course

Harness the power of flow to unlock your team's potential. You'll determine your team's unique flow profile, learn how to recognize and optimize behavioural and performance indicators of flow, and build strategies to monitor and remove flow blockers.

Your Instructors

Dr. Wynne Cairns

Wynne is an interdisciplinary scholar and instructor on the science of flow across the lifespan. Her work embeds the psychological principles of optimal experience into all aspects of work and play.

Patricia Blocksom, KC

Pat is an award-winning lawyer, mediator, lecturer, and philanthropist, who believes that every transition is an opportunity to grow, discover, learn, and forge a new path.

Marty Park

Marty is an expert in entrepreneurship, business performance, and helping people remove the barriers that keep them from living their best life.

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